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BUILT BY SHE is a community of talented entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and second career women looking to build businesses, share knowledge and strengths with other women founders, and discover an amazing network of people who understand you.

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Curiosity and thoroughness have helped Tanya Raukko build a diversified career in strategic planning and consulting. She also serves on the Board of several portfolio startups and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create roadmaps to growing their businesses. She is currently a Managing Partner at Imprint Venture Lab, a seed stage incubator that stewards creative startups with the goal of creating iconic brands. Imprint Lab was founded in 2004 to investigate and curate global creative culture, while fostering cross-pollination between business and creative entities through its venture, consulting and event disciplines.

At Imprint Lab’s sister company, interTrend Communications, Tanya built one of the company’s core assets: a Strategic Planning team instrumental


Jenifer is a Co-Founder of Built By She and Controller for Imprint Lab. She has spent the last two decades cultivating a diverse career in the manufacturing, production, service and retail industries. During the last eight years, she has used that knowledge to provide strategic consultation to Imprint’s portfolio companies, by building infrastructure and providing operations oversight, project management, financial management and growth scaling. Most notably, Jenifer has worked with Knockaround, Solar weather app, Love Wins, Nice Cube and Maekan.

Jenifer’s entrepreneurial spirit and abilities help her implement swift solutions to the growth challenges of start-up companies, and this makes her a critical component of the Built By She and Imprint team.


Julia Huang is the founder of Imprint Lab, and CEO of interTrend Communications, Inc.— one of the most innovative and fastest growing advertising and marketing agencies focused on the diverse and expanding Asian communities in the US. Established in 1991, interTrend is the recipient of dozens of awards for its pioneering achievements in the education and guidance of Fortune 500 companies such as Toyota Motors Sales USA, Northwest Airlines, JCPenney, State Farm Insurance and The Walt Disney Company. Julia Huang was recently selected as a 2014 Fortune Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur.

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