I would be burying the lead if I didn’t tell you that I don’t actually have a daughter of my own unless you count my dog, Summer.   What I do have is a responsibility to all Women out there.   I feel especially responsible to all young Women to set a strong example, to be authentic, to have integrity, and to stand up for what I believe in. You might be thinking – well Jen, one person can’t be responsible for the self-confidence, self-esteem and drive to succeed for all young Women and you would be right about that. It takes more than one person to make change. It takes a village. The problem is that when no one person is tasked with a goal, it turns out that it never really gets done.   Spending the day Monday at Hedley and Bennett’s HQ for the #schoolofhustle with authentic Women speaking their truth and living out their dreams has inspired me to be more creative and to cast wider net to take more responsibility for our youth. Today, I’m sharing a new series called – “A Haiku to Our Daughters,” because it’s time to start leaving a living legacy. 


Built By She - A Haiku to Our Daughters by Jenifer Maxwel


A Haiku to Our Daughters (vol 1)

Daughters in the world

You are strong and mighty oaks

Rooted in the Earth


Believe in yourself

We will be your trail map guide

Until you can lead 


You were born for change

The forest shares the way with you

The tribe is connected


Built By She - A Haiku to Our Daughters by Jenifer Maxwel


Maybe it’s not an award winning Haiku but it’s a relevant message. One, that as Women, we belong to the best tribe. We are nurturing by nature. We don’t need to compete to succeed. We can guide each other so that all of us reach our goals. We can stand up for one another when the chips are down. We can add a page to our living legacy. One where we helped each other get to the top of the world.


Built By She - A Haiku to Our Daughters by Jenifer Maxwel


Maybe no one person is responsible for inspiring, supporting or instilling confidence in our young girls, but a paradox does exist – we all have this responsibility. Now it’s your turn to write a Haiku to our daughters and go about your day as though you’re leaving a living legacy in care of Built By She.

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