I’ve wasted far too much time and an embarrassing amount of paper writing and rewriting words that will only be crossed out, scribbled over, or thrown away within days. If I made a grocery list or wrote out a note for myself and flubbed a word or made a mistake, I threw the paper in the trash and started a whole new list or note.

Letting go and focusing on what really mattered — like actually getting to the grocery store or capturing that fleeting idea I had — didn’t seem like an option. Perfectionism was the only choice, and it was so easy to agonize over every little detail that didn’t measure up.

When you feel as if the only solution to imperfection is to scrap what you have and start all over again, completing day-to-day tasks becomes challenging. In fact, completing anything becomes an ordeal — so much so that inaction is often the result.

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Anna Auerbach talks about how to feel confident in your work and continue being successful, how to identify feelings of insecurity and methods to combat those feelings, and much more. Have you ever felt like you don't belong in tech? Feel out of place as a woman on a male-dominated team? You're not alone.

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Entrepreneurs are used to going it alone, but being your own boss doesn’t mean you don’t need a hand every now and then. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs believe asking for help is a sign of weakness. Dr. Paul Schempp, author of 5 Steps to Expert: How to Go From Business Novice to Elite Performer, says fear of appearing weak, needy or incompetent often keeps entrepreneurs from achieving their potential.

Schempp has led several studies at the University of Georgia that have consistently shown willingness to ask for help as one of the largest differentiators between exceptional achievers and ordinary achievers. Asking for help from your own team is also crucial to your success as a leader. “Leaders who ask for and accept input from team members are more successful and inspirational than leaders who believe they need to go it alone,” says Schempp.