1. Who is the Built By She community for?

If you have a desire to engage with a dynamic community of awesome Women, we are for you. Whether you are noodling on an idea or have an active business to grow, whether you just want to learn about entrepreneurship and what it takes, or need fundraising, we can help. We are located in Long Beach, CA, but our community has no boundaries. Our mission is focused on Women, but we are happy to have Men who support this as part of our group. Lastly, we are looking for women who want to engage, interact, learn, share, and give back as well.

2. What is included in membership?

Eventually we will have a tiered membership. But the good news is that for now, you will have Early Access to some features at the FREE level. We will also be having events, roundtables, and workshops, in person and virtual. We will have programming to help you solidify your idea and launch. Business Wellness Checks, Sprints, and 1:1 consultations are available as well. Your Early Access will allow you to take advantage of all we have to offer at a discounted rate.

3. I just signed up. What’s next?

We’re excited! Lots in store. Please go to your email inbox to see your Welcome e-mail. Be on the lookout for our weekly newsletters, upcoming events, and new programming. Our digital community platform is in development as we speak.

4. Can Men join the community?

Our angle is to support Women. Our goal is to level the playing field and create even more opportunities for innovation to make the world a better place. Men who love this concept and support Women entrepreneurs are welcome! We ask that you meet the following criteria:

– You are sponsored by a Woman who has joined the Built By She community


– You have skills that you can offer to help your fellow entrepreneurs (copywriting, coding, graphic design, etc)


– Your business or concept has a Woman co-founder

5. Why is the community focused on Women?

Built By She is insanely passionate about empowering Women entrepreneurs. Less than 3% of Women are getting funding from venture capital. Less than 3%! That’s crazy! Built By She is a community of experts and beginners with resources to help you start or grow your business. We are doing everything possible to level the playing the field.

6. I provide services to entrepreneurs, how do I get involved?

Our community would love to get to know you. Please contact us at info@builtbyshe.com and we can talk about how you might fit into this network.

7. Do you allow advertising or sponsors?

Absolutely (at least sponsorships and corporate partners)! Please contact us at info@builtbyshe.com and we’ll talk.

8. How often will you e-mail me?

It will be once per week at most for our regular newsletter. We will also let you know when we are having an event or workshop. Members receive early bird discounts for our events, so you’ll be the first to know via e-mail!

9. What do I get when I join?

Access to a phenomenal community of Women. Access to relevant programming to help you develop your idea or launch your business. Access to anything you might seek – we’ve got referrals for you. And we have 1:1 consulting sessions tailored to fit your needs.

10. How can you help me?

We will school you to pitch to anyone, anywhere. You will learn how to model your business using the failfast method. No more spinning your wheels, wasting time or money. We can coach you 1:1 for your specific needs. You will emerge more confident and more prepared than your male counterparts.

11. What’s coming up in the future?

We are partnering with expert service providers to offer you a one-stop-shopping way to expand your team while you are boot-strapping. Need a graphic designer, a copy-editor, a full-stack developer, SEO, advice on social media, a lawyer or an accountant? We’re creating a platform for you to access help from the experts.

12. Do I have to pay to join?

While we are in Beta, you have a complimentary Early Access membership. So, take advantage of this now and Sign Up! Early adopters will be rewarded! At some point in the near future, we will have tiered paid Membership levels.

Thank You

Thank you for supporting Built By She and for your interest in our beta community. We would be honored to help you in your endeavors and are energized by your commitment to advance your companies.

As we continue to grow ourselves, Built By She will be taking a short hiatus to assess the next steps in how to best cultivate and support our community. Rest assured, we will be back with a vengeance but need to briefly hit the ‘pause’ button on our growth to better understand how we can best serve you. That said, for the next few months we will not be producing content, holding events, or performing assessments.

Please stay tuned, as we will announce our plans for the relaunch in the near future. We look forward to coming back better equipped than ever to help develop your businesses! Thank you again for all of your support.