We are excited to work with you to create and recommend a customized approach to meet your needs. Depending on the stage of your business, type of industry, and custom needs, we are happy to develop a plan with you to invest in the next stage of your startup.

C (Concept) B (Build) L (Launch) (Grow)
*Half and full days include 2-4 team members, pre-planning and post-recap recommendations. *Prices subject to change.

30 min Assessment CBLG | $250 $0
30 minute consultation with the experts at Built By She.Get some hot tips to get you going in the right direction.Our gift to you right now when you Join You Tribe!

Written Assessment Recording CBLG | $30 $15
Audio recording of 30 minute assessment

Written Assessment (post 30 min) CBLG | $150
• Written • Tips • Referrals

Idea Concept Refinement C | $500-1000
• Idea feasibility
• Strength testing
• Business model scenarios

Pitch Deck Feedback CBLG | $1000-2000
• Review comprehensive pitch deck draft
• Outline story refinements, positioning emphasis
• Identify business model and strategy pitch gaps
• Prepare founder for investor Q&A
• Refine pitch delivery/timing

Pitch Deck Build Out BLG | $2500-3000
• Pitch deck design
• Visual frameworks to present business model and growth plan
• Cohesive story flow and fundraising positionin

Pitch Development BLG | $3500-5000
• Outline investor segments and strategic approach
• Develop a cohesive story flow for the investor audience
• Sketch visual frameworks of the plan
• Address business model and strategy pitch gaps
• Prepare founder for investor Q&A
• Refine pitch delivery/timing

Strategic Roadmap CBLG | $3500-5000
• Refine the business model
• Outline brand mission/vision/values
• Create near and long term plan for production, marketing, operations, distribution, etc.
• Analyze industry and internal SWOT
• Map strategic partner scenarios
• Develop budget framework

Hourly Access CBLG | 10 hour block $2500
Available scheduling for custom and misc.
Q&A in 0.5 – 1 hour blocks

Brand Workshop | $3500-5000
• Outline brand mission/vision/values
• Analyze consumer segment insights and profiles
• Develop brand personality, association, imagery
• Prepare overall brand architecture
• Assess competitor strengths and differentiation points
• Sketch brand positioning
• Create digital mood board

Prototype Sprint Session | Full Week $15-20,000
• Clearly outline the objective/ challenge
• Sketch initial process map

Day 1 Stakeholder interviews
Day 2 Ideating comparables and sketching solutions
Day 3 Presenting solutions and develop storyboards
Day 4 Prototype development
Day 5 Final stakeholder testing

Thank You

Thank you for supporting Built By She and for your interest in our beta community. We would be honored to help you in your endeavors and are energized by your commitment to advance your companies.

As we continue to grow ourselves, Built By She will be taking a short hiatus to assess the next steps in how to best cultivate and support our community. Rest assured, we will be back with a vengeance but need to briefly hit the ‘pause’ button on our growth to better understand how we can best serve you. That said, for the next few months we will not be producing content, holding events, or performing assessments.

Please stay tuned, as we will announce our plans for the relaunch in the near future. We look forward to coming back better equipped than ever to help develop your businesses! Thank you again for all of your support.